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MD2G-CGA-BA0-ZZC-001 Electrosurgical Footswitch (6226-0087)

MD2G-CGA-BA0-ZZC-001 Electrosurgical Footswitch (6226-0087)

The MD2G-CGA-BA0-ZZC-001 Electrosurgical Footswitch has 2 pedals and is specially designed for electrosurgical applications.

The two pedals are different colours and are labelled with "CUT"(yellow) and "COAG" (blue). It has medical Approval EN60601-1 and is IPX7 protected. 

The pedals are mounted on a base and separated with a stainless steel bar. The base also has a carry handle for easy handling and transport which is also constructed of stainless steel. 

Other Features include 

  • Complete with 3 meters of cable with free wire ends, exit on the left side 
  • Steel divider bar in centre and steel handle to rear 
  • Sealed to IPX7 
  • Electrical rating: 1.75A 24V DC 
  • Complies with UL/IEC 60601-1

The datasheet for the 6226-0087 Electrosurgical Footswitch can be downloaded below 

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