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Pneumatic Footswitches

Our Pneumatic Footswitches can be seen below. They offer high performance and have a range of customisable options.

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6210-0B Foot Bellow

  • Tough reinforced plastic contruction

  • Compact and robust

6254-0B Foot Bellow

  • Die-cast aluminum for harsh environments

  • Stable tube system

6289-0B Foot Bellow

  • Compact and robust

  • Made of sheet steel

6255 Mistral Industrial Foot Air Valve

  • Max working pressure 10bar

  • Working temperature -5ºc to +50ºC

6431 & 6439 Bellows

  • Side/bottom hose connection

  • Various colour options

6447 Twin Foot Bellows

  • For dirty environments

  • Light or heavy housing

6447-AAAA-AAAZ Twin Foot Bellows

  • For humid and dirty environments

  • Inclined base

6448 Foot Bellows

  • Exposed or bayonet locking

  • Ideal for hand and foot operation