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Foot Potentiometers

Herga Technology have a range of Foot Potentiometers, including Electronic Foot Potentiometers and Heavy Duty Foot Potentiometers.

Our Heavy Duty Foot Potentiometers can have a guard option for extra user safety. Both of our types of Foot Potentiometers have a stock model available. Click the links below for acess to data sheets. 

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6210-VO Electronic Foot Potentiometer

  • Variable Voltage Output
  • Low Cost

6253 Heavy Duty Foot Potentiometer

  • Heavy Duty Footswitch
  • 5K & 10K Pots Available 

6256 Heavy Duty Potentiometer Switch

  • With 5k or 10k ohms, multi-pedal
  • IPX2, optional IP67