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Pneumatic Hand Control Switches

We have a range of Pneumatic Hand Control Switches. These include; the 6310 which is V shaped, The 6450 Pneumatic hand control switch has large buttons designed for comfort, and the 6451 Pneumatic Hand Control which has a comfortable erganomic design and soft touch buttons. All of our Pneumatic Hand Controls are well suited to patient handling in medical applications.

For an overview of our Pneumatic Hand Control Switches See our  Pneumatic Line Card 

Click the links below for more information of each of our different Pneumatic Hand Control Switches. 

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6449 Squeeze Grip Bellows

  • Pressure-sensitive surface

  • Medical use

6310 Pneumatic Hand Control

  • 2,4,6 buttons
  • Large soft touch buttons
  • Medical use

6450 Pneumatic Hand Control

  • Washable
  • Suitable for damp and wet environments

6451 Pneumatic Hand Control

  • Ergonomic design
  • 2,4,6 buttons