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Micro Switches

Our Micro Switches are high quality and are suitable for a wide range of applications. They offer excellent performance, high reliability and long service life. They have been designed for footswitches, hand controls and joysticks. 

 Take a look at our Micro Switch Line Card for a full product overview.

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DF-M Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Suitable for various applications

DF3 Series

  • High reliability
  • Used in computer mouses and central heating controls

DFW Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Used in the automotive, air conditioning & toy industry

DFW-IP67 Series

  • Waterproof

  • Used in automotive and toy industry

DS Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Used in PC mouse & joystick applications

DW Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC Certified
  • Used in seat belts, car bonnets, security systems

DW-IP67 Series

  • Waterproof
  • Used in seat belts, door locks and air conditioning

DW2 Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Long service life

DW2-IP67 Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Waterproof

SM1 Series

  • Internal/ external jump button

  • For foot switches, hand controls etc.

SW2 Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Used in humidifiers, alarm clocks, water pumps, gas detectors

SW2-IP40 Series

  • IP40

  • Used in air conditioners, computers, kitchen appliances, money sorters

SW2-IP67 Series

  • IP67
  • Used in phones, air conditioners, humidifiers, alarm clocks, toy cars 

VW1 - IP67 Series

  • IP67

  • Used in security systems, lawn mowers, water heaters, industrial machinery

VW1 Series

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • Used in alarm systems, water heaters, industrial machinery, special vehicles

VA2 Series Micro Switches

  • UL/cUL and ENEC certified

  • For foot switches, hand controls, joysticks