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Bellow Switches

We can offer Bellow Switches in the form of both Footswitches and hand controls.

Many of our Bellow Switches have a stock model for fast delivery time but other options are available, including different colours and tube lengths. 

For an overview of our Bellows take a look at our Pneumatic Line Card

Click on the products below for more information and to access product specific data sheets. 

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6442 Large Push Button Switches

  • For longer tube lengths, made of plastic, gauge or steel

6240 Footswitch Bellows

  • PVC housing
  • Ideal for hand and foot operation

6431 & 6439 Bellows

  • Side/bottom hose connection

  • Various colour options

6433 Panel Mount Bellows

  • For surface mounting

  • For pneumatic systems

6447 Twin Foot Bellows

  • For dirty environments

  • Light or heavy housing

6447-AAAA-AAAZ Twin Foot Bellows

  • For humid and dirty environments

  • Inclined base