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Air pressure and Vacuum Switches

We can offer a range of Air Pressure and Vacuum Switches. This range includes; the 6753 low pressure switch, the PCB mounting pressure and vacuum switches and the HPS Pressure and vacuum switches. 

Click on the product ranges below to access more information and to see data sheets for all of our Air Pressure and Vacuum Switches.

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6871 & 6872 Airswitches

  • Button/grid

  • Available with side or rear hose connection

6753 Low Pressure Airswitches

  • Ideal for switching low-current circuits

  • Adjustable from approx. 5-35mbar

6861 to 6869 General Purpose Airswitches

  • Versatile air switch

  • Available with mounting plate

6891-0013 PCB Mounting Airswitch

  • Vacuum switch for PCB mounting

  • Air connection on the side


6761 and 6763 PCB Mounting Pressure and Vacuum Switches

  • Ideal for PCB mounting

  • Available with side or rear hose connection

6891 & 6893 PCB Mounting Airswitch

  • Board mount vacuum switch

  • Normally open

6891-02 PCB Mounting Airswitch

  • Standard PCB mount air switch

  • Side air port