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Air switches, also known as pneumatic switches, are activated by a puff of air allowing the electrics to be kept at a safe distance from the user. 

Our range includes; Air Switches, Bellows and Push Button Switches. 

For an overview and comparison take a look at our Pneumatic Line Card

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6753 Low Pressure Airswitches

  • Ideal for switching low-current circuits

  • Adjustable from approx. 5-35mbar

6861 to 6869 General Purpose Airswitches

  • Versatile air switch

  • Available with mounting plate

6871 & 6872 Airswitches

  • Button/grid

  • Available with side or rear hose connection

6891 & 6893 PCB Mounting Airswitch

  • Board mount vacuum switch

  • Normally open