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6241 Wireless Transmitter

The 6241 Bluetooth Footswitch is a secure Bluetooth smart closed network, with up to two transmitters.

  • Secure Bluetooth Smart closed network, with up to 2 transmitters
  • Ultra low power with 1uA sleep current
  • >10M Range - typically <100mS latency
  • Simple push button pairing procedure with LED indication
  • LED indication of battery status
  • Choice of 15 or 60 minutes timeout for further battery conservation
  • Auto wake from sleep/re-connect on press of the pedal
  • Available as a wireless switch technology across a wide selection of Herga's popular medical application footswitch models
  • Externally accessible battery compartment
  • Runs on commercially available Alkaline cells
  • Over 1000 hours constant use

The datasheet for the 6241 Bluetooth Footswitch is shown below:


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