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What is a Momentary Switch?

A momentary switch is a switch requiring continuous compression to remain engaged. Momentary switches can be wired normally open or normally closed.

When wired normally open it does not make contact unless compressed making the connected device switch on, once the compression is removed, the contact will be broken and the device will switch off. When wired normally closed, the switch will always be making contact, the device it is connected to will always be on until the switch is compressed, breaking the circuit until the pressure is removed.


A momentary switch allows the user to precisely time their interaction with the switch, this can be an important factor for safety reasons, for example, an electric drill cannot be left running. Because of this, momentary switches are often used in high-risk applications.

Precisely timing the switch interaction is a useful attribute for other applications. For example, moving hospital beds, the momentary switch allows the patient to re-position their bed precisely and with ease.

Uses for Momentary Switches

Momentary switches are used in everyday life, common place applications include;

·         Intercoms/ walkie talkies

·         Test switches on fire alarms or burglar alarms

·         Electric construction devices such as electric drills and saws

Applications for Momentary Switches

Momentary switches are part of our product range at Herga, here are some of the applications that we have supplied Momentary Switches for:

·         Moving medical beds – our hand controls and foot switches are often ordered for use on medical beds. Our switches allow the patient to re position their bed for comfort. The switch will require the user to keep their finger on the button until the bed is in the desired position, once the user stops pressing the button the bed will stop moving.

·         Press to talk – our footswitches are often used in call centres as a hands free way for the operator to answer the phone. The phone will stay on the line until the operator removes their foot from the switch. This is a great way to save time and allow the operator to multitask as they have their hands free.

·         Patient hoists – patient hoists are used to move patients from one place to another, the momentary switch is in the hand control, the patient or user will keep the button compressed until they are in the desired location.

·         Medical suction pumps – our footbellows are used for suction pumps. They are connected to an airswitch. The foot bellows is pressed to start the pump and removed when the process is complete.

Momentary Switches from Herga

Our Momentary switches include:

·         Air and pressure switches including 6871, 6753& 6741.

·         Footswitches 6210, 6226, 6241 & 6254

If you have any questions or require more information on momentary switches then please contact us: +44(0)1284 701422 or sales@herga.com

Article published on: 21/01/2019

Article last updated on: 21/01/2019