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What is a Latching Footswitch?

What is a latching footswitch? Latching refers to the way that the switch works.

When wired normally open, a latching footswitch can be pressed once to close the electrical circuit and cause a device to switch on. When the pressure is removed from the footswitch, the circuit remains closed until the user compresses the footswitch again to open the circuit and switch the device off.

This is different from a momentary switch which requires continuous compression to remain on.

Latching footswitches can also be wired normally closed; this reverses the switching status.

What is a latching Footswitch used for?

Latching footswitches are selected for lower risk applications, whereas momentary switches are for more high-risk applications, the user is required to stay with the device whilst it is running. Latching footswitches are also required for applications where applying continuous pressure to a switch would not be possible.

Our latching footswitches have been used in the past for applications including;

Tattoo machines – a latching footswitch is used by tattoo artists for their machines. When the footswitch is compressed once the machine will remain on whilst the tattoo is completed.

Dust Fume Extraction – latching footswitches are used to operate extraction devices in industrial or manufacturing devices.

Music Industry – latching footswitches are used within the music industry for operating amplifiers. The footswitch can be pressed once to turn the amp on and it will remain as long as the musician requires. They can then press the footswitch a second time.  

Latching footswitches from Herga

We have a variety of latching footswitches;

625X – our heavy-duty latching footswitch, suitable for OEM applications, stylish and robust.  

6289- PP - the treadle version of this switch is used primarily for the push-to-talk application discussed above. Custom lengths are available.

For more information on latching footswitches or to discuss your requirements please contact us +44(0)1284 701422 or sale@herga.com

Article published on: 11/01/2021

Article last updated on: 11/01/2021