What is a footswitch used for?

A footswitch – or foot pedal, is a type of switch which is activated by the user’s foot. They are very diverse and used in various applications.

At Herga we design and manufacture a wide range of footswitches, they are one of our best-selling product groups.

What is a Footswitch used for?

There are so many applications which use footswitches. They are present in industrial manufacturing, medical applications, in offices and homes and they are becoming increasingly popular as a “hands free” alternative to hand switches or buttons since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Some of the most popular industries for our footswitches are;

Industrial Environments – our footswitches are often used for various types of manufacturing equipment such as metal cutting or bending machines, welding machines, industrial guillotines etc.

We have a range of industrial footswitches specifically for these types of environments. They have added safety features to protect the user.

Medical applications – our footswitches are used for various types of medical equipment and machines. they are great hand free alternative to x-ray or medical photography applications. they have also been used in optical equipment.

We have a range of medically approved footswitches which have been designed with this industry in mind. Our Bluetooth technology is particularly desirable in this field.

Footswitches are also used for various other applications throughout different industries, some of these are;

Water dispensers – some manufactures are using footswitches rather than hand controls in drinks machines to make them more hygienic

Push-to-talk – footswitches are used in some call sensors where hands free operation is desired. Footswitches are used to answer the phones

Food industry – footswitches are used in kebab preparation to rotate the “elephants leg”

Beauty industry – footswitches are also used for various applications in the beauty industry including lipo suction and varicose vein removal.

Types of Footswitches

There are many different types of footswitches available, these are suited for different environments and applications.

Our range of footswitches includes


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Article published on: 07/02/2022