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Industrial Machine Switches

An industrial machine switch must be robust and hard-wearing to be able to withstand the harsh environments of the industrial industry.

We have both footswitches and hand controls which are well suited to industrial machinery. Footswitches are a more popular choice as an industrial machine switch because it gives the user full use of both hands within a hazardous environment. 

Applications for an Industrial Machine Switches 

Industrial machine switches can be used on the following machinery; 

  • Digger controls
  • Folding machines
  • Metal cutting machinery
  • Stapling machines
  • Welding machinery
  • Packaging machines

For all of the above applications, we would recommend using one of our heavy-duty footswitches

Industrial Machine Footswitches 

Our Industrial Machine Footswitches offer mechanical stability, guaranteed long life and high performance. They have ergonomic designs and are waterproof up to IP67.

To make them even better suited to industrial machinery many of our heavy-duty footswitches have a guard option, this offers added user protection in such an environment and also protects the switch from accidental actuation in busy surroundings. 

Our industrial machine switches also have;

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Industrial Machine Switches from Herga 

As mentioned above, we would recommend one of our heavy-duty footswitches for use with industrial machines. Our range includes the following products;

6256 - our new heavy-duty footswitch with modular design and emergency stop function, constructed of ABS plastic making it extremely cost-effective. 

6255 - air valve switch for industrial environments 

6254 - a general purpose footswitch for industrial applications 

6253 - Potentiometer footswitch suitable for heavy-duty applications 

6252 - rugged high performance guaranteed 

6251 - suitable for OEM users

625x - available as a footswitch or footswitch + potentiometer

For more information on industrial machine switches or to discuss any of the products in our range please contact us. 


Article published on: 07/04/2020

Article last updated on: 07/04/2020