Updates from our New Design Factory.

If you have been keeping up-to-date with our blog posts, you will know that several weeks ago, our New Design Factory was opened. 

We are already successfully utilising the space and using our new process to review new product developments.


Recently, our first brand new significant product has begun its journey along our process and has now reached the “Design” phase. This product should be ready to launch in 2016 – so watch this space!


The process encourages staff from the whole site to take part in product reviews, identifying key features within the design and to illuminate risk to the company and our customers.

Paul K Edwards – Head of Engineering says “I am really passionate about involving everyone in our processes. We have a huge amount of experience here at Herga Technology and I am so pleased to see that knowledge is effectively put back in to the new product developments at the concept design stage and beyond. This common approach to product implementation not only brings the teams closer together but also reduces risk and allows everyone to be part of the development journey.”


Here the Herga Technology site team is discussing the new concept design

From Left to Right¦.Andy – Edward - Kate – Brenda - Ginny – Simon – Marty – Adam.

Our New Design Factory has changed the way we work with new products. More people from different departments are getting involved from an earlier stage giving more input to what our customers require and therefore, helping to design and create good quality products.

Kate Sandlan – Technical Sales Supervisor has worked for Herga for 19 years and had the following to say about the process “‘On this occasion I have been involved in the design process from day one, helping select the specification, so it was very interesting to see the design developing. This is the first time I have helped with a project in the early stages”

Having more people involved from the earlier stages of new product developments means that issues which may arise later or at the last minute are already being thought about;

Brenda Bailey – Foot Switch Supervisor says “As a supervisor I found the meeting regarding the future of heavy duty a good meeting, it enabled me to see what was coming plus to ask any questions regarding the future build of them. Also to ask about the packing side of them as can get forgotten in the process.

More product updates will come later on so watch this space!

Article published on: 08/12/2015

Article last updated on: 08/12/2015