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Herga Technology’s multipedal footswitch platforms available for industrial switching tasks or with 60601-1 approval for medical equipment

Herga Technology developed its Modular Bases System multipedal footswitch series around five years ago and since its inception has refined the product range with the derivative Medical Footswitch Design Platform series which includes UL-60601-1/IEC-60601-1 medical approval.

Both systems share modular expansion components for multipedal configurations for up to 5-pedal footswitching with additional puck/haptic switches that further expand the operator control possibilities. The moulded thermoplastic single and double plinths are interconnected by joining plates and accessories such as lift bars, guards, handles as well as dividers and steel base plates combine to flexibly adapt the assembly to the customer’s safety, durability and switching layout. Machine designers can select appropriate switching components from Herga’s standard range or 60601-1 approved footswitches and puckswitches that variously include IPX2 to IPX8 sealing with electrical ratings from 0.1 A at 24 VDC up to 6 A at 250 VAC with cable connection or Bluetooth® interfacing. 

Both the medical and industrial platforms offer an attractive and ergonomic solution for OEMs and machine builders where the switching requirement can be flexibly and easily adapted to suit the exact machine control requirements. There is also the potential to expand machine switching controls on-site and to design the switching requirements using the modular components across a range of machines with varying functionality.

Specifically for the Medical Footswitch Design Platform, Herga’s 6226 series footswitches have IEC 60601/UL 60601 medical approval with environmental protection to EN60529 IPX7 or IPX8 on request. With a choice of silver or gold contacts and typical switching ratings to 3A at 24V AC/DC, users can choose momentary function for SPST, N/O or SPDT. Medically approved 6241 series puckswitches, 6244 haptic puckswitches and Otto switches can also be included with typical ratings of 0.1 A at 24V DC for SPDT/DPDT switching. Alternatively Bluetooth and USB models are available – all can mixed and matched, and any combination of these footswitches and puckswitches are effectively covered by 60601-1 approval on delivery. This simplifies the customer’s medical approval process and reduces cost of ownership by saving design effort as well as speeding development time and decreasing time-to-market for new projects. Herga offers standard configurations based on specific needs of laser manipulation and electrosurgery as well as operating tables, non-evasive surgery and more.

For industrial and business machine applications the Modular Base System offers the same sorts of flexibility as its medical counterpart with electrical switching ratings up to mains voltage levels for light- to medium-duty machine applications. Herga has developed a comprehensive range of standard variants for the industrial modular base system to combine commonly specified 6225, 6226 and 6227 series footswitches and single 6241 or 6244 puckswitches – including Bluetooth and USB switching options. Across both platforms, footswitches are available in a range of colours and can be supplied with customer specified labels. Other options including LEDs, screen printing and special electrical/wireless interfacing is available in OEM quantities on request.

Full details and comprehensive datasheets for both footswitch platforms are available here or email  sales@herga.com  or call +44 (0)1284 701422.

Article published on: 15/02/2022

Article last updated on: 15/02/2022