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Herga Technology's comprehensive airswitch & bellows control range

Herga Technology's comprehensive airswitch & bellows control range

Bury St. Edmunds – UK – May 2016: For safe actuation of electrical devices such as motors and pumps in hazardous environments or in close proximity to water, Herga Technology designs and supplies a wide range of air switches together with compatible foot and hand operated bellows controls.

Four standard airswitch series cover momentary and latching SPCO and DPCO relay action for AC and DC voltages. Low pressure, general purpose and miniature PCB mounted versions feature pressure set-points as low as 15 mbar.

Herga bellows controls include ergonomic single- or multi-pedal foot actuated designs in addition to hand operated and panel mount pushbutton type controls. The low profile 6448 series foot bellows are easy to operate and suit free standing or fixed operation with an optional built-in mounting. A twin bellows footswitch version is available with a convex top and base. The popular 6431 and 6439 series bellows are ideal for both foot or hand operation and feature a large air volume for comfortable operation. An adaptable mounting with a plastic base plate may be optionally used to add stability. The attractive 6438 and 6442 small and large panel-mount pushbutton switches are ideal for spa applications.

For patient handling and other medical applications, Herga offers 3 standard styles of pneumatic hand controls in 2, 4 or 6-way versions. The ergonomic and attractive designs are inherently waterproof and feature soft touch buttons and a choice of curly or straight tubing.

All Herga Technology’s pneumatic controls are available with a generous choice of tube entry styles and a comprehensive selection of colours. With many products directly available from stock, the flexible range includes a wide choice of mounting and interfacing variations to make selection straightforward whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Custom versions in customer livery with logos etc. are available on request.

Herga Technology’s comprehensive range of switching and sensing solutions also include electrical foot switches and hand controls as well as Bluetooth® Smart closed network and USB controls. The comprehensive range covers general purpose through light and heavy industrial duty use, and to IEC and UL 60601-1 medically approved models.

Article published on: 26/05/2016

Article last updated on: 26/05/2016