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Herga footswitch is exactly matched to plastic welding application

Herga footswitch is exactly matched to plastic welding application


The Plastofused-Pro from Kamatec GmbH is an innovative plastic welding machine that helps repair damage to automobile and other expensive-to-replace components. As part of the machine’s componentry, the German manufacture specifies Herga’s Leptron series footswitches to control nitrogen delivery for its top-perfrormance machine

When it comes to welding, many think of bright arcs or blue gas flames. But even thermoplastics can be welded - literally with hot air - or better with hot nitrogen. For example rips, cracks and damage to parts made of plastic like car bumpers or headlamp mountings can be repaired easily, quickly and cost effectively. The Palstofused-Pro takes care of the procedure where the damaged part is heated together with a corresponding plastic strip similar to a welding rod with hot compressed air and nitrogen in the right combination.

In practical use, it is neither practical nor necessary to permanently supply nitrogen. With the Herga footswitch, users have the opportunity to control the nitrogen delivery. Nitrogen creates a kind of protective film of gas, effectively reducing the amount of oxygen present during the weld repair which is especially advantageous for larger repairs - resulting in higher flexibility and mobility at the damaged area. In addition the optimised design of the nozzle means that small gas volumes can quickly reach high temperatures, significantly improving the welding process to enable high-quality repairs.

The Leptron series foot switch chosen by Kamatec needed to be suitable for normal workshop operation and to match the machine’s livery a black version was selected and is supplied with a 2.5 m cable with free ends. The single pole, normally open footswitch features silver contacts and low DC voltage switching capacity to match the machine’s control system. The result is a durable footswitch, optimised for OEM supply and cost for the Plastofused-Pro welding machine.

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Article published on: 21/10/2019

Article last updated on: 21/10/2019