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Infra Red Switches from Herga Technology

Within our range of Infra-Red technology we can offer Infra-Red Switches and Infa-Red hand control solutions for your application.

Our Infra-Red switches have a sensing range from 75mm - 1000mm.

Our Infra-Red hand control is available in compact and industrial designs with up to 8 channels

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Infrared switching for high-hygiene dispensing and actuating tasksInfrared switching for high-hygiene dispensing and actuating tasks
Infrared switching for high-hygiene dispensing and actuating tasks: Herga’s 6461 series IR switch offers a simple and effective aid to barrier protection
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Infrared Switches 

Infrared switches are switches which can operate without wires or contact. We have two types of infrared switches here at Herga, they are both suited to different applications. 

The 6461 is an infrared non-contact switch which is operated by movement detection. The switch can detect movement up to 75mm to 100mm away from the switch. The main use for this type of switch is a public toilet flush. When a person waves their hand in front of the switch, the movement activates the switch and the toilet flushes. 

The other type of infrared switch we offer at Herga is our 6310 and 6311 hand control and receiver. The most common application this product is used for is door operations in and industrial environments. The receiver is mounted to the door controls and the hand control can be used by personnel operating heavy machinery, as they approach the door they can use the hand control to open the door so they don't have to get down from the vehicle.  

Advantages of Infrared Switches 

The main advantages for using the 6461 non-contact switch is hygiene, there are no surfaces for germs to be passed through if the user does not touch the switch.  

Our hand control and receiver have advantages including; 

Our Infrared Switches  

Our infrared switches can be seen above. For more information on infrared switches or for help selecting a switch for your application please contact us. 

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Kate Sandlan
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Infra Red Switches

Infra-Red Non-Contact Switches
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Infrared hand controls and transmitters
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