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Hand Controls from Herga Technology

Our hand controls have been used within different applications throughout different industries.

The different categories for our hand controls can be seen below, click through to the products for individual datasheets and stock item information.

Hand Controls News
Herga’s new 6310 series membrane hand control offers cost effective 1 – 8 function operator controlHerga’s new 6310 series membrane hand control offers cost effective 1 – 8 function operator control
Herga Technology has released a new model in its 6310 hand controls range.
Squeeze grip bellows offer alternative actuating method for mobility equipment.Squeeze grip bellows offer alternative actuating method for mobility equipment.
Herga Technology’s 6449 series squeeze grip bellows offer a safe and reliable switching solution for mobility equipment used in rehabilitation, special needs and care.
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Hand Controls

Hand controls are sometimes called Hand Switches and can be connected to a device by either a wired or wireless connection. The number of buttons on a hand control can vary – some of ours can have up to eight different functions.

Make sure you contact us to discuss your hand control applications and we will help find the right product to suit your needs.

Hand Controls from Herga

Our hand controls have features to make them customisable, easy to use, and safe for different environments. Depending on the use of the hand control there are often different desirable features. For applications in patient handling, many of the features make them easier to use, with lighter touch and bigger buttons. For applications in more industrial environments our hand controls are durable and robust to withstand the wear and tear they may be subjected to without being compromised.

Our hand controls have the following features;

Hand Control Uses 

Some of the most common applications which use hand controls are; 

Hand Controls for Patient Hoists - Patient hoists can be used in the home or in medical facilities to move patients from one location to another; for example, from a bed to a chair or sometimes the system is larger and can be used from room to room. 

Hand Controls for Medical Beds - Our hand controls are also used for medical beds to reposition the bed to a more comfortable position for the patient. 

Hand Controls for Bath or Stair Lifts - Bath and Stair lifts are used within people’s homes as an assisted way of getting around. The hand control is used to operate the actuator which then moves the seat itself ensuring the patient can move safely within their home. 

For bath seats, the hand control will be being used in a wet environment and so must be waterproof or pneumatic ensuring it is safe for a patient to use. 

The hand controls which operate beds, hoists, bath seats and other medical applications are often used by the patient, a medical professional or sometimes a family member. For this reason it is important that they are easy to use, are light in weight and only require a light operating force.

Hand Controls for Door Operations - Our 6310 Infrared hand control can be used for door operations. The hand control uses a wireless infrared connection which is particularly useful if the user is driving heavy machinery; the hand control can be used to open the door as they approach so they don’t have to stop the machine or get out to open the door. 

All of our hand control categories are shown above. Contact us for more information on our hand controls or on any of the products in our portfolio – we would be happy to dicuss your application and find the perfect solution to your application.

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Hand Controls

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