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Pneumatic Switches from Herga Technology

Herga Technology can offer a range of Pneumatic Switches to suit your application. Our range of Pneumatic Switches includes Air Switches, Bellows, Pneumatic Footswitches and Push Button Switches.

For overview and comparison see our Pneumatic Switches in our Pneumatic Line Card

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Herga Technology’s comprehensive airswitch & bellows control rangeHerga Technology’s comprehensive airswitch & bellows control range
Herga Technology’s comprehensive airswitch & bellows control range
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Pneumatic Switches 

Pneumatic switches are sometimes called air switches. This is because they operate by sending a sip or puff of air through some plastic tubing which then activates an air switch turning the electric circuit on or off. 

Pneumatic switches are often used on assistive technology devices such as medical beds or patient hoists however this is not their only use. 

Many of our pneumatic switches have models which are available from stock, ensuring fast delivery. 

Why Use a Pneumatic Switch?

A pneumatic switch uses air to operate, there is no electricity passing through a pneumatic switch. This means that the user is able to operate the switch safely in a wet environment and avoid injury.

Pneumatic switches only require  a small force to operate and are therefore very patient-friendly; good for rehabilitation and lack of strength.

Pneumatic Switch Uses

Any application where the user may have wet hands or in a wet environment may use a pneumatic switch. Some of the applications we have solved over the years include;

Patient hoists - the hoist can move the patient around their home or within a medical facility. Most are operated by the patient themselves so a button which requires little force is preferable. Sometimes hoists lift patients in and out of the bath or in other rooms in the house where water is present (kitchen etc), for this reason we would always recommend a pneumatic hand control switch for operating patient hoists.   

Hospital Bed Controls - another pneumatic hand control, in medical facilities it is important to ensure patient safety. A pneumatic switch is better suited to this type of applications as liquids could come into contact with the switch. They are also very patient friendly as they only require s small force to operate. 

Toilet flushes - more recently manufacturers tend to use infrared switches for toilet flushes, however push button switches are also a popular choice. In this kind of wet environment a pneumatic switch is well suited. 

Spa and Jacuzzi Controls - in this environment the user is more than likely in the water so using an electrical switch is not an option, therefore a pneumatic switch is selected.

Shower systems in gymnasiums - public showers in health clubs and gymnasiums are another application which uses a pneumatic push button switch. 

Pneumatic Switches from Herga

All of our pneumatic switches can be seen above, our range includes 

Pneumatic Footswitches

Pneumatic Hand Controls 

Pneumatic Bellows Switches 

Compatible Air Switches - well suited for use with our pneumatic switches. 

Take a look at our Pneumatic Line Card for an overview of all of our pneumatic switches. For more information please contact us. 

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Kate Sandlan
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Pneumatic Switches

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