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6256 Heavy Duty Footswitch

The 6256 Heavy Duty Footswitch is a sturdy & durable industrial footswitch aimed at operator control and production environments. The 6256 is available as a single footswitch or multipedal designs with unlimited expansion and has a simple adaption for safety guards. 

The 6256 Heavy Duty Footswitch is durable, reliable and offers long life making it well suited for plant & equipment OEMs and machine builders. 

Other factors of the 6256 Heavy Duty footswitch incluide; 

  • Unique functional design aesthetic
  • Infinite multiplication of footswitches due to original modular design. Adaptable range of accessories
  • Accommodates safety shoe use
  • Waterproof to IP67 (EN 60529)

The below video gives more information on the 6256, including a Drop Test comparing competor prodcuts to the 6256.



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