MD2G-BAA-BA1-EZZ-000 Dual-pedal footswitch & haptic puckswitch (6226-0071)

Special dual-pedal version of 6226 series footswitch with 6244 haptic puckswitch assembled in modular base system with IPX7 rating

• Fitted with 2x 6226-AABB-ZZZA-001 footswitch

• Fitted with 1x 6244-CC puckswitch in centre 

• Black footswitches and haptic puckswitch with moulded grey modular base system 

• With Herga logo on footswitch 

• Complete with 2m of cable and Heyco gland 

• Rated IPX7 

• Footswitch electrical rating: 3A 24V AC/DC 

• Puckswitch electrical rating: 3A 24V AC/DC 

• Wired normally open

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