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Switch solution for DodgeAttack - Rugged Interactive’s latest high-tech sports game

Switch solution for DodgeAttack - Rugged Interactive’s latest high-tech sports game

Sensitivity and durability for low pressure switching: Herga supplies pressure switch solution for DodgeAttack - Rugged Interactive’s latest high-tech sports game

Rugged Interactive is a Cornish company dedicated to applying technology to fitness and motivational sports. Working with a number of groups and professional organisations in health & fitness, wellbeing, football, athletics and many other sports, they provide consultancy as well as design and manufacture interactive games and equipment that helps all levels of users to get fit and healthy in a fun and engaging way. Rugged Interactive has chosen Herga Technology’s HPS-500 series miniature pressure switches for its latest game - DodgeAttack - where teams or 1 v 1 players bounce on trampolines, competing for the highest score of successful shots thrown at large pressure sensitive targets. If it sounds like fun – it is!

The miniature and very responsive Herga switches trigger at a pre-set pressure level to record successful shots on one metre diameter illuminated targets. Each target hit is then registered on a huge scoreboard complete with timer and sound effects. Rugged Interactive supply and install the dramatic and eye-catching game as a complete and colourful court with several targets and trampolines. The game, which typically runs for a two frantic minutes, is easily supervised, very safe and ideal for children.

Herga Technology HPS-500 series pressure switches are available in six standard pressure range options from 0.25 to over 1370 mbar. The pressure setpoint can be factory set or user adjusted with a tight tolerance that ensures excellent sensitivity and switching repeatability. With Teflon or polyurethane diaphragms these highly reliable switches are packaged in durable glass-filled polyester housings and with no sliding or pivoting parts offer generous proof pressures and a long working life to more than 20 million cycles.

The HPS-500 series is typically aimed at lower pressure/lower current DC or AC switching applications, with Herga Technology’s HPS-600 series available for pressures to over 4000 mbar with high current AC switching. Both ranges can suit pressure, vacuum or differential switching and a wide choice of pressure port orientation and form factors make installation straightforward for a wide variety of OEM applications.  

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Fri, 25 May 2018 07:42:32 +0100 GMT

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