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Ariel choose Herga vacuum switches for its all-wheel drive electric HIPERCAR project

Ariel choose Herga vacuum switches for its all-wheel drive electric HIPERCAR project

Ariel Motor Co. - the British specialist car manufacturer whose motto is SERIOUS FUN – recently unveiled its HIPERCAR (HIgh PERformance CARbon Reduction) four-wheel drive electric vehicle project.

Capable of 0-100 mph in just 3.8 sec, the two-seater will be launched in 2020 as one of the fastest accelerating sports cars in history. Herga Technology is proud to chosen as a supplier for this 1,180 hp ground-breaking supercar.

Following in the footsteps of Ariel’s Atom and Nomad fuelled models as unique and discernible hand-built race track and off-road supercars for true autosports enthusiasts, the electric HIPERCAR will produce a massive 9,900 Nm torque through four separate electric motors powered from a 42 kWh liquid cooled battery.


Ariel Motor’s prototype chassis for its HIPERCAR project

This incredible power requires ultra-high performance traction and stability control, and as part of the HIPERCAR’S servo braking system Herga Technology are supplying Ariel with its 6721 series vacuum switches. These high reliability switches are well proven as part of electric brake pump systems for electric cars and high performance fuelled engines that do not produce sufficient vacuum for optimal servo operation.

The 6721 series vacuum switch is extensively used across many other fields of industry. As well as suitability with automotive braking fluids the switch can handle oils, acids and many other liquids as well as compressed air and gases. With a vacuum range up to 670 mbar, single and double pole switching versions are available with AC and DC connection for resistive, inductive and motor loads. Flexibility extends to the choice of diaphragm, spring materials and electrical contact types. The durable 6721 series has a thermoplastic housing and a -5 ?C to + 70 ?C temperature range, with a typical electrical switching life up to 2 x 106 cycles.

Herga Technology is a UK manufacturer and designer of electrical/electronic, pneumatic, Bluetooth® wireless and USB switching products and solutions for medical and industrial applications. For further information on Herga’s footswitches, hand controls and switching solutions, please visit Herga at www.herga.com or call +44 (0)1284 701422.

For more information on Ariel’s HIPERCAR, and its amazing range of two and four wheel autosports vehicles please visit http://www.arielmotor.co.uk/.

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Wed, 02 May 2018 10:09:42 +0100 GMT

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