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Herga Engineering Team Further develop with completion of their CSWP

Herga Engineering Team Further develop with completion of their CSWP

As the drive and passion of the business moves forward at an accelerating rate, our belief in staff development is at the forefront of successful project launches and customer satisfaction.

After successfully winning the Innovation award for Suffolk the engineering team wanted to further develop their CAD skills by completing a 2 day intensive SOLIDWORKS training program, provided by Solid Applications (www.solidapps.co.uk) to achieve CSWP (Certificate SOLIDWORKS Professional).

Here are the Herga team whom took part in the training.  Left to right…Karen – Mark – Bradley – Colin Evans (From Solid Apps) – George – Martin and Adam.

Each CSWP has proven their ability to design and analyze parametric parts and moveable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SOLIDWORKS software.

What is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) exam?

The CSWP exam is a comprehensive, non-proctored online exam that tests an individual’s ability to design and analyze parametric parts and movable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SOLIDWORKS, including design validation tools. A Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional is an individual that has successfully passed this exam.

What is the goal of the CSWP exam?

The goal of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Program is that it establishes an Industry standard by which SOLIDWORKS professionals are evaluated. This evaluation is completed using a fair, comprehensive test of your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS both in the areas of Mechanical Design and Design Validation. Completing the evaluation will accomplish two goals.

First, on an individual level, achieving certification establishes you as a highly competent professional in the use of SOLIDWORKS.

Second, for the hiring managers, acts as a valuable assessment to attest for the individual’s competency, thereby reducing the amount of time and energy required to research prospective candidates.

George Mason – Electronic Engineer says “The way the exam questions were asked meant they expected you to perform each step in a certain way. This was helpful for identifying the best methods of performing certain tasks, e.g. global variables; design tables etc. so even if you didn’t know how to do this before you can learn it whilst doing the exam. In terms of training, Colin was very good at preparing us for each exam and giving us all the key information on what would likely come up. In future I would use him as a point of reference if I ever struggle with anything SOLIDWORKS related…. Now I have passed anyone that would be interested will know immediately how proficient I am at using SOLIDWORKS.”

Paul k Edwards – Head of Engineering and Quality says “I’m delighted to see so many of our Engineering team take part in the CSWP program set by Solid Applications. Well done to Bradley Brame (pictured above) in his first full week as a Herga Engineering Apprentice, straight in at the deep end at the start of his Herga educational and development road trip towards a career destination unknown!! I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative CAD designs, realising new customer designs and broadening the Herga product portfolio from the team!

Please have a look at the Herga website for the designs and the full product CAD range. 

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 09:08:14 +0000 GMT

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