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Durable and reliable footswitches

Durable and reliable footswitches

Durable and reliable footswitches: Herga’s 6289 steel multipedal footswitch preferred for the MUS-MAX Wood Terminator

MUS-MAX the Austrian forestry and agricultural technology equipment manufacturer produces the ‘Wood Terminator’ range of wood chippers for processing biofuel. These huge trailer mounted or self-propelled  drum chopping machines can work their way through waste wood and log diameters of up to 75 cm or more at the rate of 230 m3 per hour. The Wood Terminator is distinguished by its robust and ergonomically proven design and leads the fuelwood chipper field throughout Europe where MUS-MAX places great importance to ease of operation, long operating life and the highest levels of reliability.

MUS-MAX has worked with Herga Technology for many years and, as part of the functional controls for the Wood Terminator, has chosen Herga’s 6289 series single and multipedal footswitches to aid operator control of the brake and positioning system for log loading hydraulic crane. Selected and well proven for its durability for heavy-duty use in industrial, construction and agricultural machinery, Herga’s 6289 is encased in a powder-coated steel housing (stainless steel on request) and can be supplied for up to IPX8 environmental protection. A wide choice of switching options with voltage/current up to 250V AC and 3A is available in standard models.

The robust and reliable Herga foot switches are the ideal solution for power-intensive and very heavy use area of the Wood Terminator chipper, which is reflected in the longstanding partnership with MUS-MAX.

The 6289 is part of a wide range of footswitches, hand controls and switching solutions available from Herga Technology that includes standard and customised single- or multi-pedal controls in ergonomic designs that are available with electrical/electronic, pneumatic, Bluetooth® wireless and USB switching technologies. Application areas cover industrial, business and domestic machinery switching as well as medical grade switching and sensing. For complete details, please visit Herga at www.herga.com

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Mon, 03 Oct 2016 08:47:14 +0100 GMT

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