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Push Button Switch Types

Push Button Switch Types

Push button switches are part of our product range, they come in different types depending on the application.

The different types of push button switch that we can offer are;

  • Momentary
  • Latching
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic
  • “Push to make”
  • “Push to break”

These options do tend to overlap, for example a requirement may be a momentary pneumatic push to make switch. 

Momentary or Latching Push Button Switch Types 

Latching switches will only require the user to press the switch once and will then remain either off or on until pressed again (light switch).

Momentary or latching is terminology used to describe many different switches. A momentary switch will require continuous compression to remain “on” or “off” depending on how the circuit is wired (alarm switches or fail safe circuits). 

Within the category “momentary switches” there are “push to make” or “push to break” switches. A “push to make” switch is wired normally open or “off” when the button is compressed the electric circuit will connect - the switch will “make” the circuit. For example door bells, toilet flushes, shower systems in a gym. 

A “push to break” switch will be used on a circuit which is wired normally “closed” or “on”. When the switch is compressed the circuit will break and the device will be switched off. These types of push button switches are used in alarms, refrigerator lights and fail safe circuits.

Electric or Pneumatic Push Button Switch Types

Electric push button switches are used within electric circuits like light switches. They contain electronics required to make or break circuits depending on the application. 

Pneumatic push button switches do not contain electronics, instead, when actuated a puff of air is passed through to an air switch which then completes the circuit. The airswitch can be located a distance away from the push button switch and connected with PVC tubing. This makes the switch suitable for use in wet environments as the user will not be in contact with both water and electronics at the same time.  

Pneumatic push button switches are used for 

  • Spa and Jacuzzi controls - latching push button switches are used to switch bubbles on/ off 
  • Shower systems - momentary push button switches to turn water on

Push Button Switches from Herga

Our 6438 push button switch and 6442 push button switches are pneumatic switches. They are very similar but the 6438 is a smaller version. Both have stock models available. Take a look at the product pages and datasheets 

Our 6241 and 6240 are electrical footswitch bellows. The 6241 is medically approved. Both the 6241 and 6240 are available in a range of colours and can be actuated by either the hand or foot depending on the application. 

For more information on push button switches or any of the products in our range please contact us. 

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 10:15:22 +0000 GMT

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