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Medical Footswitches

Medical Footswitches

Medical Footswitch are one of our very popular product ranges, we have been supplying footswitches to the medical industry for many years.

From our experience within the industry our product ranges have grown and adapted and we have incorporated several features which we believe are key to the industry.

Features of Medical Footswitches

To ensure that our medical footswitches are well suited for use within the medical industry, our range offers;

·         Ergonomic design

·         High performance

·         Safe to use within the industry

·         Easy to clean

·         Durable

Footswitches are a popular choice for the medical industry as they allow the user to keep their hands free for other important tasks in a high risk environment.

Our medical footswitches are constructed of high grade materials making them impervious to cleaning solutions and liquids which are commonly used in a medical environment and have a protection rating to IPX7, IPX8 on request.

We have a range of different connection options for our medical footswitches including USB and Bluetooth. We also have single and multi-pedal footswitches available and our Modular base system even incorporates the use of our puck switches with our footswitches. This product allows for up to four footswitches and eight puck switches within the same unit – 12 functions in total on one board.

Applications for our Medical Footswitches

In addition to the well-known applications such as bed controls and patient hoists, our footswitches are also used frequently for other applications within the medical industry including;

·         Dentistry

·         Wound treatment machines

·         Ophthalmology equipment

·         Medical equipment cleaning machines

·         X-Ray

·         MRI Machines

·         CT Machines

·         Surgical microscope positioning

·         Lipo suction machines

Our medical footswitch range also includes some heavy duty footswitches with foot guards for added user protection and our low profile flatswtich for operator comfort.

Medical Footswitches from Herga

The medical footswitches we can offer have been built to comply with medical standards (UL, CSA, EN etc).

Many of our footswitches have a stock model for fast delivery, custom options are also available for many aspects of our range – contact us to discuss your preferences. 

General Purpose Footswitches  - 6223/6224 leptron foot/palm switch, 6225/6226 foot/palm switch

Puck Switches6241 puck switch

Multi-Pedal Footswitches – for applications requiring multiple functions many of our standard medical footswitches are available as multi pedal versions.

Our range of Bluetooth footswitches are a popular choice for the medical industry – as this is a wireless connection there are less wires within the working environment allowing for a cleaner and less cluttered working environment.

If you are looking for footswitch suitable for a medical application please contact us +44(0)1284 701422 or sales@herga.com and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Take a look at all of our medical footswitches here, click the individual products to access data sheets and CAD drawings.

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:25:33 +0100 GMT

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