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Pneumatic Switches

Pneumatic Switches

Pneumatic switches are part of our product range here at Herga Technology. We have been manufacturing and distributing pneumatic switches for decades.

Our pneumatic switch range includes, hand controls, bellows, push button switches and footswitches. Many of our products are available in a range of colours.

See our full range of Pneumatic Switches by downloading our Pneumatic Line Card.

What is a Pneumatic Switch?

A pneumatic switch is defined as a switch used on an assistive technology device which uses a “sip” or “puff” of air to activate. Many of our pneumatic switches are used on patient handling machines and within the medical industry.

Pneumatic products offer a safe way of switching electrically in wet/hazardous environments.

Pneumatic Switch Applications

Over the years our pneumatic switches have been used for;

  • Patient hoists
  • Hospital bed controls
  • Toilet flushes
  • Spa and jacuzzi controls

Pneumatic Footswitches

6255 - a Heavy Duty footswitch offering high life expectancy. Rugged high performance with guard option.

6289 - Mild Steel Footswitch, tough compact and versatile, the steel construction give long life and reliability.

6210 - OB - Plastic footswitch, ergonomic and versatile with guard available.

6254-OB - Die cast footswitch with a low profile design for user comfort, ideal for harsh environments as this is a durable footswitch also available with guard option.

Pneumatic Hand Controls

6310 - V shaped hand control for ease of use. Options of 2,4 or 6 buttons, they only require a light touch to operate and are well suited to patient care.

6449 - Squeeze grip bellows, ergonomic and patient friendly operation. Only a light touch is required to active this switch and it can be gripped, pressed or folded. Well suited to applications in rehabilitation or care.

6450 - Large Button hand control with 2 buttons, ideal for patient handling and rehabilitation and only requires a light operating force.

6451 - Small button hand control with options of 2, 4 or 6 buttons. It has an ergonomic design for comfort and soft touch buttons.

Pneumatic Bellow Switches

6431/6439 - Bellows switches are compatible with many of our airswitches, large air volume, suitable for hand or foot operation, side or base entry.

6433 - Panel mount bellows, highly durable and easily cleaned.

6448 - Large bellow switch for hand or foot operation, low profile for operator comfort, base options available.

6447 - Double bellows switch with base, lightweight or heavy weight bases available, well suited to dirty environments

Pneumatic Push Button Switches

Our push button switches are compact and have a low profile above the surface, they have a choice of tube connections and colours.

6438 - small push button switch

6442 - large push button switch


We have a wide range of air switches which are compatible with many of our pneumatic switches; many of these are available with UL/CSA approvals;

6861 - Standard switch

6862 - Double switch

6863 - Low pressure switch

6864 - Staggered switch

6869 - Very low pressure switch

6871 & 6872 - Standard range

6891&6893 - PCB air switches

If you require a pnuematic switch or would like any more information, please contact us: +44(0)1284 701422 or sales@herga.com

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Mon, 08 Jul 2019 12:00:41 +0100 GMT

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