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Types of Switches

Types of Switches

You don’t have to look very far in life to come across a type of switch. Switches are all around us and different types of switches are used for different things.

Switches are present in the home, office, factories, schools, construction sites, medical facilities, spas, gymnasiums, public toilets and so many other areas it is impossible to mention them all. Switches are designed to make or break electric circuits – essentially – turn things off or on.

So what are the different types of switches?

Switches can be grouped in different ways.

Types of Switches - Mechanisms

One way that switches can be grouped is by the mechanism they use. This can be either Latching or Momentary.

Latching Switchesare pressed once by the user to turn them off/on and will remain in that state until they are pressed again. Like a light switch; you press it once to turn it on and it remains on until you press in again to turn it off. Latching switches are often used in many home devices.

Momentary Switchesrequire continuous compression to keep them off/on depending on how they are wired. For example an electric drill; for the drill to remain on the user must hold the switch down, once the compression stops the switch breaks contact within the electric circuit and the device will turn off. Momentary switches are often used in applications where there is a safety hazard.

Types of Switches – Products

Another way to separate the different types of switches is by product type. Here at Herga we have a vast product range which incorporates different types of switches including:

Footswitches – Our most popular product category, our footswitches are suited for different industries and have the relevant approvals for Industrial use and Medical use where appropriate.

Hand controls – Another popular product category for our switches. Our hand controls are also used in Medical applications and in particular patient handling.

Air Switches – including our push button range are used in applications including saunas, shower systems and toilet flushes. Our air switches range also includes our bellow switches and pneumatic footswitches.

Pressure and Vacuum Switches – offering long life, high repeatability and high reliability. Also available with medical UL approvals

Micro Switches – our newest range, micro switches are used throughout building automation and security and for use home appliances and triggers and alarm controls. 

These are all different types of switches which are available from Herga technology – make sure you contact us for more information.

Type of Switches – Technology and Connections

Our switches are available with different technologies and connections to suit different applications.

Bluetooth – Bluetooth is a wireless technology, the user can move the switch away from the main device giving a wide range of motion. We have a selection of footswitches with this technology and have found it very popular within the medical industry. Herga’s Bluetooth range has a closed network for security as well as long battery life.

Infrared – this is another type of wireless technology. Our Infrared switches are often used for hygiene reasons – a popular application is the flush on a public toilet. The switch will activate when motion is detected using infrared technology, so the user does not make contact with the switch.

USB – USB is one of the connections we can offer, this connection is compatible with Windows Microsoft and Apple Mac interfaces.

Multi-pedal/ Multi-switch– many of our products also have a multi-pedal or multi-switch option, with 6 to 8 switches. Details on these options are all available within the individual product datasheets. We also have our modular footswitch base which incorporates both footswitches and puck switches with up to 12 different switching functions in one device.

If you would like any information on any of the types of switches we offer – or if you can’t see the type of switch you require – please contact us for more information +44(0)1284 701422

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Thu, 23 May 2019 10:24:25 +0100 GMT

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