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Footswitch Uses

Footswitch Uses

Footswitches; also known as foot pedals, are our most popular product category here at Herga. We have been supplying footswitches into various industries for over 70 years.

Footswitches are available in many shapes, sizes and colours using different technologies. Footswitches are often selected for use for a number of reasons. They are more hygienic if being used by multiple users; they offer hands free operation – allowing the user to multitask and are a convenient space saver.  

Footswitch Uses

Footswitches are used for a multitude of devices and throughout different industries. We often supply foot switches for Medical and Industrial applications.

Commonplace Footswitch Uses

Footswitches are often used for devices within the home. Some of the more commonplace uses for footswitches are:

·         Press iron machines

·         Sewing machines

Medical Footswitch Uses

Footswitches are often used within the medical industry as they are more hygienic than using hand controls. They are also more convenient because using a foot switch rather than a hand control to operate any devices or medical machinery allows the user to keep their hands free to perform the procedure. Some uses of footswitches within the medical industry are:

·         Medical equipment

·         Lipo suction devices

·         Patient hoists

·         Medical bed controls

·         Hair removal applications

·         Varicose vein removal

·         Dentist chair controls

·         Optical instruments

Other Footswitch Uses

Some other uses for footswitches include:

·         Tattoo machines

·         Industrial machinery – Often using a footswitch guard for added safety

Footswitches from Herga

Our footswitch range is vast meaning we can offer a footswitch for any application. We use a range of technologies and connections including Bluetooth, Infrared and USB. Many of our footswitches have customisable options to fit with corporate or industrial colours. We also offer single and multi-pedal switches and have guarded options available. See our full range here. For more specific types of footswitches see our list below

·         Foot Air Valve Switches

·         Foot Potentiometers

·         Footswitch Bellows

·         General purpose Footswitches

·         Heavy Duty Footswitches

·         Light Industrial Footswitches

·         Puck Switches

·         Multi-Pedal Footswitches

·         Footswitch Bases

·         USB Footswitches

·         Medical Footswitches

·         Industrial Footswitches

For more information on our Footswitches or footswitch uses please contact us +44(0) 1284 701422 or sales@herga.com

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 10:42:52 +0000 GMT

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