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What is an Air Switch?

What is an Air Switch? Air Switches are part of our product range here at Herga Technology.

As you may assume from the name, an Air Switch is a switch which is activated by air. A push button can be used to instigate a “puff” or “sip” of air which travels along a length of PVC tubing and activates the air switch. The air switch will turn a device on or off. 

What is an Air Switch used for?

A well-known use for an air switch is a kitchen waste disposal. The push button would be located within the kitchen worktop near the sink, pressing the button would send the puff of air through to the air switch within the disposal mechanism and it would switch on.

Other applications include 

  • Spa Jacuzzi controls
  • Push button shower systems in gymnasiums 
  • Toilet flushes in public toilets  

Why is an Air Switch Used?

Air switches are often used in applications where water is present but needs to be kept away from electronics. The PVC tubing which the air travels down enables the air switch within the electrical device to be activated without the user coming into contact with electronics in a wet environment. This makes it safe for the user to activate the device with wet hands.

Air Switches from Herga

Many of the air switches we offer are available from stock for fast delivery. All models offer the choice of either back or side tube entry and some have UL/CSA approved versions. Some have a single or double pole version. Links to data sheets of each of our airswitches can be found below but please contact us to discuss your application in more detail. 

6861 - Momentary or latching standard switch, neoprene or silicone diaphragm

6862 - Double switch, momentary or latching versions with either neoprene or silicone diaphragm

6863 - Low pressure momentary standard switch, neoprene diaphragm 

6864 - Double poll staggered switch with neoprene diaphragm 

6869 - Very low pressure momentary switch

6871 & 6872 - Ideal for OEM applications, latching or momentary with silicone diaphragm

6891&6893 - small PCB mounting air switch, silicone diaphragm 

Pneumatic Switches from Herga

We have a range of compatible pneumatic switches which work with our air switches. These include, footswitches, hand controls, bellows switches and push button switches, read more about these in our Pneumatic Switches blog post. Or take a look at our Pneumatic Switches Line card.

For more information on any of the products mentioned in this blog post or to discuss your application please contact us. 

Article published on: 05/08/2019

Article last updated on: 05/08/2019