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What is a Pneumatic Switch Used for?

A pneumatic switch uses air to function rather than electricity.

When a pneumatic switch is compressed, a puff of air is sent along a length of PVC tubing to an air switch. The air will activate the switch which will make the electric circuit and activate a device.

Pneumatic switches form part of our extensive product range and can be found on our website here. 

Our pneumatic switch range includes footswitches, hand controls and push button switches.

What is a Pneumatic Switch Used For?

Pneumatic switches are specifically designed for applications in wet environments. This is because there are no electric parts within the switch itself that the user could encounter making them very safe to operate with wet hands.

They are also well used in medical applications as they often require a light touch which makes them perfect for patient use.

Some of the applications for pneumatic switches are;

Patient hoist applications – patient hoists can be used in hospitals and medical facilities or in the home to move a patient from one location to another. They can move between rooms and lift/lower in/out of the bath. For this application, we would recommend a pneumatic hand control as they are very easy to operate. 

Medical bed controls – another medical application: a patient bed can be repositioned using a pneumatic switch, usually a footswitch or hand control.

Public Spas and health clubs – pneumatic switches are often used in public spas and health clubs, they are used for operating sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzi baths and public shower systems the environment in these types of application is always going to be wet so a pneumatic switch is the only option.

Public WC – we have supplied pneumatic switches for use in public toilets. The switch is used for the flush operation. These are safer in wet environments.  

Pneumatic Switches from Herga

There are different types of pneumatic switches available which make them suited to different applications. See our full range on our website or click the product categories below:

To complement our range of pneumatic switches we also have a range of compatible air switches. Find out more about our pneumatic switches and compatible air switches by looking at our line card. 

For more information on pneumatic switches, their uses or to discuss your application please contact us.

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Article published on: 19/07/2021

Article last updated on: 19/07/2021