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USB Foot Pedal for Push to Talk

Our USB Foot Pedal is often selected for use in Push to Talk applications. Using a footswitch for this type of application is highly recommended as it gives the user full use of their hands.

What is Push to Talk?

“Push to Talk” is a type of application found in call centers and emergency services. It involves using a footswitch as a way of answering the phone.

This way of answering the phone is preferred as it is hands free allowing the user to operate a computer with two hands at all times. It also saves time and space on the work station.

USB Foot Pedal for Push to Talk

USB foot pedals are foot pedals with a USB connection, they are compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux and can emulate keyboard or mouse functions. They can have a long cable – between 2.5 and 5 meters making them well suited to this application.

Other applications for USB Foot Pedals

USB foot pedals are also selected for applications including image capture; the most popular being image capture for x-rays. Using a foot pedal for capturing an image is more convenient than using hands because the user is able to reposition the object or body part with both hands whilst capturing the image.

USB Foot Pedals from Herga

We have a range of USB Foot Pedals which are used or various applications including push to talk.

Our USB Foot pedals have the following features;

· Ability to emulate up to 3 keys simultaneously

· Plug and play technology

· Mouse and game controls functions

· Up to 5m cable on USB 2.0 versions

· Waterproof versions to IPX8

· Rated 200mA 5V DC

· Stock Models available for fast delivery

For more information on our USB foot pedals for push to talk or for any application please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Article published on: 27/05/2020

Article last updated on: 27/05/2020