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USB Foot Pedal

A USB foot pedal is a foot pedal which can be used with a computer via USB connection. This is one of the connection types we offer at Herga.

USB foot pedals are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and are available as multi-pedal footswitches to be used for multiple functions.  

Features of our USB Foot Pedals 

Our USB foot pedals can be programmed by the user to simulate up to three simultaneous keystrokes. Programming is done by setting small switches inside the footswitch having removed the cover. Key combinations for programming can be found in our installation guides. 

  • Emulate up to 3 keys simultaneously 
  • Mouse and game controls function available 
  • Plug and play technology (no additional drivers required)
  • Up to 5m cable when using USB 2.0 versions
  • Stock models available 
  • Waterproof versions to IPX8 possible
  • Rated 20mA 5V DC 

Applications for USB Foot Pedals 

Image capture is a common application for our USB foot pedals; this involves using a foot pedal to take an x-ray or photo. Using a foot pedal for image capture gives the professional full use of their hands during this process. The section of the body being diagnosed can be manipulated with the hands and moved/held in place whilst the foot is used to capture the image.

Another common application is press to talk. USB footswitches are used within call centres or police control rooms. The foot pedal is connected to the phone so that the user can answer calls hands free giving them the ability to multitask.

USB Foot Pedals from Herga

Our USB foot pedals can be seen on our website. Details on stock models and custom options can be found on the data sheets. Installation manuals are also provided on each product page. 

We also offer USB hand controls to be used within similar systems. They have a V shaped design and 1,2 or 3 buttons.

For more information on our USB foot pedals please contact us. 

Article published on: 03/10/2019

Article last updated on: 03/10/2019