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Squeeze Switch

Squeeze switches are part of our product range here at Herga.

They are a type of switch which is activated by the user squeezing with their hands or even their elbow.


Squeeze switches are part of our pneumatic range. When the squeeze switch is compressed, a puff of air travels down the PVC tubing to an air switch which activates the electric circuit.

Why use a Squeeze Switch

Squeeze switches are aimed at medical applications and patient use. They only require a very light compression and are therefore well suited to patients with dexterity issues or with very low strength. They are also very well suited to special needs applications as well as rehabilitation.

Our squeeze switches can be operated by either the hand or elbow and can be squeezed, gripped or folded to operate.

A popular application for a squeeze switch is a nurse call button.

Features of our squeeze switch

Our squeeze grip bellows have many features which make them easy to use;

Light touch required – only a small compression is needed for the switch to activate so if a user has low strength, they are still able to operate.

Soft playable PVC grip – making the switch easy and comfortable to use.

Activated when either gripped pressed or folded – allowing options for activation to match the user’s ability.

Choice of tube lengths available - to suit a variety of applications and allow sensitive switching at long distances.

If you would like more information on our squeeze grip bellows, please contact us.

Article published on: 09/11/2020

Article last updated on: 09/11/2020