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Single Pole Switch

Single pole switch is a type of electrical switch and part of our range at Herga. Single pole switches are one of the most common and basic switching mechanisms available on the market today.

Single pole switches are well used within the home; the most well-known application for a single pole switch is a light switch. Single pole switches can be easily recognised; they are the typical on/off switch and often have the markings to indicate “on” or “off”, they operate devices from a single location.   

Single pole switches are connected to the device using either normally open, normally closed or change over contacts - a very simple connection design. They differ from double pole switches as these are used for two functions, either staggered or simultaneous or for redundant. 

Single Pole switch uses

Single pole switches are all around us, and a very popular type of application from Herga. Some examples of single-pole applications are;

·         Light switch

·         Switches on appliances (washing machines, microwaves kettle, etc)

·         Push to talk applications in call centres

·         Laser machines

·         Heavy-duty machinery 

·         Sewing machines

·         Tattoo machines

·         Alarms

·         Surgical pumps

In fact - over 95% of the switches that we offer here at Herga are used for single pole applications. 

Single Pole Switches from Herga 

We can offer a wide range of single pole switches, these can be;

Footswitches - for heavy-duty, general-purpose and medical applications. Optional guards for added user protection. If you have a specific application please contact us and we will help select the perfect footswitch for you.  

Push-button switches - pneumatic switches for applications including shower systems, toilet flushes and spa controls. 

Our range also includes;

All of our products can be seen on our website for more information on any of our products please contact us. 

Article published on: 22/04/2020

Article last updated on: 22/04/2020