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Safety Footswitches for Machines

Footswitches are often required for machine operation. We have some footswitches which are specifically designed for this use which have added safety features to suit this environment.

Safety footswitches for machines are an important piece of equipment in industrial and manufacturing environments.

Our 6256 footswitch is particularly well suited for a safety footswitch for machines, this is because it has many added safety features including an emergency stop feature. We also have a whole range of industrial footswitches which are also suitable.

Features of our Safety Footswitches for Machines

To make our safety Footswitches well suited to the industrial environment they will be used in, we ensure they have the following features;

  • Emergency stop function (6256 only) – this could be an essential requirement in some applications so contact us to discuss your options.
  • Guard options – depending on the footswitch, these can be integrated into the switch on a separate device.
  • Constructed of sturdy, durable material – stainless steel or thermoplastic.
  • Modular designs – our 6256 is designed for to be adapted by the customer. Aspects can be added or removed as per the application. Find out more about this feature in our brochure.  

As with many of our products our safety footswitches for machine also have the following features.

  • Guaranteed long life
  • IP67 protection rated
  • Stock products available for fast delivery

Uses for Safety footswitches for Machines

Some machines which our safety footswitches are suitable for are;

  • Welding machines
  • Sheet metal cutting machines
  • Metal folding machines
  • Industrial guillotines
  • Pipe bending machines
  • Press break machines
  • Stapling machines

Our Safety Footswitches

Our safety footswitches can be found on our website. Our 6256 footswitch is the best suited for applications where safety is required in the form of an emergency stop.

Our heavy duty footswitch category also contains our 6252, 625x, 6255, 6253 and 6254 footswitches. These are all highly durable footswitches which can be used in industrial applications. They also have guard options for added safety.

For more information on safety footswitches for machines or any of our industrial footswitches for various applications please contact us.   

Article published on: 21/10/2021

Article last updated on: 21/10/2021