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Push to Break Switch

A Push to Break Switch is a type of electrical switch. The connection inside the switch is wired normally closed which means the circuit is always connected and the device the circuit is connected to is always switched “on”.  

When the push to break switch is compressed it breaks the electrical connection cutting the electricity flow and therefore switching the device “off”. Pushing the switch breaks the connection – hence the name “Push to Break”.

Push to break switches are also called “normally closed” switches, referring to the state of the circuit when the switch is in neutral.  

The opposite of a Push to Break Switch is a Push to Make switch where the circuit is wired normally open. Read our blog post on “Push to Make Switches” here. 

Push to Break Switch Examples 

The majority of switches available on the market are push to make switches rather than push to break. These are the most desirable as they are used for most applications, switches are often used to turn things on rather than be a circuit breaker for turning them off.

However, push to break switches are important too, the most common and important application for a push to break switch is an emergency stop. An emergency stop switch will be a separate switch in addition to the main on/off switch of a device. They are usually found in easy-to-reach places so that they can be easily activated in an emergency.

Pressing an emergency stop switch will break the circuit and cut any power to the device in question.

Our emergency stop switches are integrated into our heavy-duty industrial footswitch range. They are available as part of the footswitch or on a pole handle for easy access. Find out more.

Push to Break switches can also be used in other applications, some of these are;

  • Refrigerator light switches
  • Alarms
  • Fail-safe circuits

Push to Break Switches from Herga

Many of our switches can be either as push to break or push to make. Take a look at our product portfolio and contact us for more information or to discuss the switch you need. Our most popular electric products are;

  • Footswitches
  • Hand controls
  • Microswitches
  • Puck switches

We also have a range of Pneumatic Switches as well as contactless technologies. Please contact us for more information.


Article published on: 24/08/2021

Article last updated on: 24/08/2021