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Pneumatic Air Switch

A pneumatic air switch uses air to function rather than electricity. When compressed, the pneumatic air switch sends a sip or puff of air along a PVC tube to an air switch to activate the circuit.

Pneumatic air switches are part of our product range here at Herga, all our pneumatic air switches can be seen here or compared on our Pneumatic Line Card.

Types of Pneumatic Air Switches

Pneumatic air switches are available in different types, these are suitable for different applications.

Pneumatic Push Button Switches – one of our more popular pneumatic air switches. They are a simple switch which is pressed with a finger to be activated. They’re available in different sizes with custom options available.

Pneumatic Bellow Switches – our bellows air switches are suitable for either hand or foot actuation, this makes them very versatile. They are available as either single or multipedal using one of our bases.

Pneumatic footswitches – our range of pneumatics footswitches includes heavy duty, general purpose and low-profile. All our footswitches have long life, offer high performance and have guard options.

Pneumatic Hand Controls – we have a range of pneumatic hand controls which have ergonomic designs and soft buttons. We also have our pneumatic squeeze grip bellows which are very easy to use for patients.

Uses of Pneumatic Air Switches

Pneumatic air switches do not use electricity to function, this makes them well suited to applications where water is present. Many of the applications they are used within are wet or an environment when the user may have wet hands.

Pneumatic air switches are well suited for applications in the medical industry as they only require a small amount of force for actuation and therefore easy for patients to use.

Some of the applications we have solved using pneumatic air switches are;

Uses in Spas and Health Clubs – in public health clubs, spas and various other similar applications, pneumatic air switches are selected for use. This is because the user will have wet hands and the environment is also very wet or moist, so electrical switches are not an option. Pneumatic push buttons are used for spa bath controls, shower systems and toilet flushes.

Medical Applications – pneumatic air switches are used in many medical applications either in medical facilities or in the home. For example; medical bed controls and patient hoists. 

Pneumatic Switches from Herga

Pneumatic air switches have been part of our product portfolio for many years. Our pneumatic air switch range includes;

·         Footswitches

·         Hand controls

·        Push button switches 

·         Bellows switches

We also have a range of air switches which are compatible with our pneumatic switches.

Our full range of Pneumatic Switches are air switches can be viewed and easily compared on our Pneumatic Line Card.

If you require a pneumatic switch or would like any more information, please contact us.

Article published on: 28/01/2021

Article last updated on: 28/01/2021