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Pendant Switches

A Pendant Switch is another term for Hand Control or Hand Switches; part of our product line here at Herga.

Pendant Switch Uses

Our pendant switches are used throughout many industries, although one of our most popular industries for this product is the medical industry. Pendant switches are operated by either a medical professional or the patient themselves to operate;

·         Medical beds – pendant switches can be operated by the patient to move the bed up or down to a comfortable position. They are also used to activate an alarm to call the nurse.

·         Patient Hoists – pendant switches are used to move the patient hoists; these are usually used by the patient themselves or their caregiver.

·         Bath or stairlifts – pendant switches are used to operate the bath or stairlift by the patient themselves.

Pendant switches can also be used for applications which aren’t in the medical industry – a popular application for Herga pendant switches is industrial door controls. The infrared hand control can be used to operate the door on an approach.

Features of Pendant Switches

To suit the above applications, many of the features our pendant switches have are to help with ease of use. They also have to suit various application environments. Some of the features are;

·         Highly durable

·         Water proof

·         Lightweight

·         IP ratings

·         Small or Large soft buttons

·         Electric or Pneumatic options

·         Multiple buttons – optional

·         Various connection options

·         Optional colours

·         Optional cables

Different Types of Pendant Switches

We have a variety of different pendant switches;

·         Electrical Pendant Switches

·         Pneumatic Pendant Switches

·         Infrared/Wireless Pendant Switches

·         USB Pendant Switches

Each type of pendant switch is suitable for different types of applications; the pneumatic pendant switches are better suiting to the patient handling applications whereas the infrared pendant switches are more suited to the industrial applications.

Pendant Switches from Herga

We have a full range of pendant switches which can be seen on our website. We have various options for customisation including; the number of buttons, cable type, connection type and a choice of colours and branding options.

If you would like more information on pendant switches or would like to discuss your application please contact us.


Article published on: 18/05/2020

Article last updated on: 18/05/2020