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Metal Footswitches

As a footswitch specialist we can guarantee that we have a footswitch to fit every need. Our footswitches are available in various materials.

We have a range of metal footswitches which are suitable for a whole host of environments and applications.

Our metal footswitches are constructed of either die-cast aluminum, stainless steel or mild steel depending on the type selected. This ensures they are tough and versatile. They offer long life and IP protection ratings.

Why choose a metal footswitch?

All of our footswitches offer long life and are highly durable. However our metal footswitches are often preferred in certain applications. This could be because they are often thought of as stronger and even more durable. They are also heavy weight which may be required in specific areas. 

The environment of an application might also play a part in choosing which material to choose. Again, this comes down to the durability of the materials.

However, a metal footswitch isn’t always the best choice. We also have a range of highly durable plastic industrial footswitches. These are strong and robust like our metal footswitches but have the benefit of also being lightweight.

Metal footswitches from Herga

We have a variety of metal footswitches which have different working principles making them suitable for different types of applications.

6289 General Purpose footswitch – available in the standard footswitch design as well as treadle design and multi pedal options. The working temperature is -5ºC to +40ºC with a protection class of IPX2/IPX7.

6255 Mistral Foot Air Valve Switch – this pneumatic footswitch offers high performance and style. It is constructed of die cast aluminum and has an optional guard for added user safety.

6253 Foot Potentiometer – with a choice of 5k or 10k potentiometer, the 6253 metal footswitch is well suited to a variety of application areas. It has an average life cycle of 1 Mil operations. This footswitch also has an optional guard making it suitable for heavy duty applications.

6252 Heavy Duty Footswitch – another die cast aluminum construction with various switch functions. This metal footswitch also has a guard making it suitable for industrial environments and has working temperatures from -25ºC to +60ºC

6251 & 6253 Heavy Duty Medical Footswitch – this metal footswitch is suitable for applications within the medical industry as it meets IEC 60601-1 requirements. It is waterproof to IP67 rating and also has a metal guard. These footswitches can be used in temperature ranges from -25ºC to +60ºC. 

6254 General industrial Footswitch – the 6254 is constructed of die cast aluminum and is available as an electric or pneumatic switch. It is a highly durable switch making it well suited to industrial applications. The foot switch is ideal for temperatures from -5°C to +40°C.

For more information on any of our metal footswitches or to discuss your application please contact us.


Article published on: 23/05/2022

Article last updated on: 23/05/2022