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Manual Release Switch

A manual release switch is an important safety feature within various industrial environments. They can be found in fire alarms and other types of emergency switches.

What is a Manual Release Switch?

Manual release switches are named after how they function. If the switch is compressed, it will remain in contact until an action is carried out to manually open the contacts again. This is sometimes done by using an unlocking key or by using another switch somewhere on the device.

This can also work the other way round where compressing the switch will open the contacts meaning the circuit will be disconnected until manually reconnected.

Manual Release Switch from Herga

At Herga our 6256 is available as a manual release switch.

The 6256 has a manual release for emergency situations. To activate the manual release, the footswitch must be compressed beyond the resistance of the operating pressure of the footswitch. This will interrupt and lock the working contact causing the switch to remain open. Using this locking function ensures there are no unintended restarts of the machine the footswitch is connected to.

To unlock the switch the yellow button on the base must be compressed. This will set the footswitch back to its normal state.

Having the manual release function work in this way means that the user does not have to press an alternative switch to stop the device from functioning, they do not have to move from their station in an emergency, they simply need to press their footswitch with more force.

Applications for Manual Release Switches

A typical application for a manual release switch is a fire alarm. Once the switch is compressed the alarm will sound until it is manually altered to switch off again.

For our manual release switch, the typical applications can be found in industrial applications, usually relating to heavy-duty machinery. These applications include;

  • Metal cutting machines
  • Metal bending machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Stapling machines

Our Manual Release Switches

Manual release is a function on our 6256 industrial footswitches. This switch has many different options available including;

·         Emergency stop function

·         Pedal lock

·         Pole handles base plates

·         Guard options

·         Single or multipedal options

For more information on our manual release switch, take a look at our 6256 page on our website or contact a member of the team.

For more information please contact: Herga Technology Email: sales@herga.com Tel: +44 (0)1284 701422

Article published on: 19/07/2021

Article last updated on: 19/07/2021