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IR Switches

IR switch stands for Infrared. Infrared switches can be used to operate a device in a non-contacting wire free fashion.

Types of IR Switches and their Applications 

We have two different types of IR switches here at Herga

The first is our 6310 and 6311 hand control with a receiver. The hand control is wire free and the receiver can be placed onto a device allowing the user to be able to operate it from a distance within line of sight. 

The most popular application we have come across for this type of IR switch is for drivers of heavy machinery. They can attach the receiver to the door controls meaning when they are driving, they can open the warehouse doors on their approach. They don't have to get out of the vehicle to operate the door, they can do so from the vehicle itself. 

The other type of IR switch we offer is our 6461 non-contact switch. This switch is operated by detecting movement. The movement can be detected from 75mm to 100mm away. The detected movement will trigger the switch so no contact is required. The main application for this type of switch is a contact free toilet flush. You may have come across these in public toilets. The user simply waves their hand in front of the switch and the toilet flushes. 

Benefits of using IR Switches 

There are quite a few reasons why people choose to use IR switches for their applications, the main reason for choosing the 6461 IR button switch is for hygiene reasons; because people are not touching the switch there is less chance for germs to be spread.  

Other benefits include time saving and being more convenient than standard switches. 

IR Switches from Herga  

6310 and 6311 IR transmitters and controls from Herga have the following features; 

  • Compact plastic and heavy duty versions available
  • Choice of 1,2,4,or 8 channels
  • Has coded signals for system security
  • Used with our 6311 controls ad 6312 receivers 

6461 IR non contacting switch has the following features;

  • Simple installation
  • Sensing range 75-100mm - special version up to 500mm 
  • Low current consumption
  • Open collector transistor or relay contacts output
  • Set behind a protective acrylic lens 

IR Switches are just one of the wire free technologies we offer, we also have a range of Bluetooth switches which may be suitable for your application. See all of our Bluetooth Switches here

For more information on our IR switches or on any of the products in our portfolio please contact us. 

Article published on: 27/09/2019

Article last updated on: 27/09/2019