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Industrial Switches

Many of the switches we offer are suitable for the industrial sector. Industrial Switches are one of our well known product categories.

To ensure that our switches are well suited to the industrial sector they have the following characteristics

·         Robust

·         Hard wearing

·         Reliable

·         IP rated (dust and/or water resistant)

Types of Industrial Switches

We can offer different types of industrial switches depending on the application in hand.

Footswitches – our range of industrial footswitches covers all bases, it includes a wide range of footswitches which have customisable features to suit customer preference. Our industrial footswitches are available with optional guards for added user safety and protection against accidental actuation.

Hand Controls – our hand controls for industrial use are available with up to 8 buttons. We can offer different technologies including, Electrical, Infra-Red and USB connections.

Air Switches – The range of air switches we can offer which are suitable for industrial use are available as low pressure, general purpose or PCB. We also have bellows air switches, panel mount options and a range of push button switches which are all suitable for use within the industrial sector.

Pressure and Vacuum Switches – We have many different options of Pressure and Vacuum switches including low pressure, mounting, double diaphragm and miniature.

Customisable options on our Industrial Switches

As well as our standard stock range, which is available for fast delivery, our industrial footswitches also have a range of customisable features which we can tailor to customer preference. These are;

Colour – we can offer a range of colours; red, yellow, green, blue, black, grey and white.

Connection – we have different connection options including cable, terminal, tube and valve.  

Technology – We have a selection of footswitches which are available with Bluetooth Technology or Infrared Technology. This allows for wireless connections which is useful for industrial applications where there is a requirement for the switch to be easily relocated.

Single or Multi-Switch– Our Footswitches and Hand controls are available as either single or multi-switch designs. The individual datasheets contain information on different configurations.

For more information on our range of switches suitable for the industrial sector take look at our Industrial Switches and Controls Page or contact us +44(0)1284 701422.







Article published on: 13/05/2019

Article last updated on: 13/05/2019