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Industrial Footswitches

Many of our footswitches are suitable for industrial use, we have been supplying to this sector for many years.

With over 70 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and distributing industrial foot switches we have the experience and knowledge to produce footswitches which offer all the characteristics suited for industrial use.


Characteristics of our Industrial Footswitches

Our wide range of industrial foot switch models incorporates some of the desired features for products in this sector including;

  • Long life
  • Mechanical Stability
  • Ergonomic designs

As well as stock products for fast delivery, many of our industrial footswitches also have the folliowing features:

  • Customisable features – these include: customised cables, connectors, electronics, labels, colours, logos and bases.
  • Single or multi pedal – many of our switches have a multi pedal version
  • Optional guards – these offer additional user and switch protection and are spacious for use with safety shoes.

Our Industrial Footswitch Range

We believe our industrial footswitch range covers all bases,

Our Industrial foot switch range includes the following products

  • Foot air valve switches – the 6255 Minstrel Industrial Foot Air Valve Switch with an average life expectancy of 1x10? operations
  •  Foot potentiometers – the 6210-VO and the 6253 Heavy duty potentiometers
  •  Footswitch bellows – low profile and easy to operate
  • General purpose footswitches – for general applications within the industrial sector
  • Low profile flatswitch – just 10mm thick for optimal operator comfort
  •  Footswitches with guards – for added user protection in industrial environments
  • Multi pedals – different configurations and with our modular base system –up to 12 functions in one system available
  • USB footswitches – to emulate keyboard and mouse functions.
  • Our 6256 – with a unique functional design aesthetic suitable for heavy duty applications.

Applications for Industrial footswitches

Our products are used throughout the industrial sector, having the experience of working with industrial applications for years gives us an insight into this industry. We are confident we can find a footswitch to suit your application. Some of the industrial applications our footswitches have been designed or used for are;

Machinery controls - Drills, lathes etc.

  •  Stapling machines
  • Digger controls
  • Telecommunications, PTT
  • Packaging machines
  • Cutting Machines
  •  Soldering Machines

Take a look at our Industrial Footswitches page to see our full range available. 

If you require any information on Industrial footswitches please contact us +44(0)1284 701422 or sales@herga.com

Article published on: 01/02/2019

Article last updated on: 01/02/2019