Heavy Duty Switches

At Herga, we have a wide range of heavy-duty switches. These are suitable for harsher industries. Our heavy-duty switches are available in different types making them suitable for different application areas.

Applications in industrial environments are a popular area for our products. At Herga, we design and build hard-wearing switches and hand controls with various features and add-ons to make them the number one solution to switching and sensing applications in harsh environments.

Types of Heavy Duty Switches

Our range of heavy duty switches contains the following types;

Heavy Duty Footswitches –  we have an array of heavy duty footswitches, they are suitable for use in environments where they may be exposed to dirt, dust, moisture or falling debris. Many of these footswitches have added safety features including guards and emergency stop buttons.

Heavy Duty Hand Switches – our industrial hand switches are available with single or multiple buttons and many have an optional hook for easy storage and to make them readily accessible.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Switches – we have a range of air switches and pneumatic switches suitable for industrial environments. Our pneumatic range includes our PVC foot bellows and panel mount bellows as well as our push button switches. Our pneumatic range is fully waterproof making them highly durable and heavy duty.

Heavy Duty Pressure and Vacuum Switches – our heavy duty pressure and vacuum switches offer very high sensitivity. Some are UL certified and are available in a range of different pressure limits.

Heavy Duty Infrared Switches  - heavy duty infrared switches include our infrared hand controls. These are often used as door controls in industrial environments, the user can use the hand control to open the door whilst on an approaching vehicle. With various button configurations available, our heavy duty infrared switches are a popular choice for this type of application.

Features of our Heavy Duty Switches    

Our heavy duty switches are robust and suitable for use in industrial environments. Some of the features our switches offer are;

  • Mechanical stability
  • High performance
  • Long life
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Extremely strong and highly durable

Heavy Duty Switches from Herga

Our Heavy Duty Switches can e found on the Industrial Switches section of our website. All of our products are hard wearing and suitable for the challenges of these types of applications.

As with all of our products, our heavy duty switches have custom options for some aspects including colour, single/multi-switch, connection options and technology. If you have an application requiring custom options please contact us.

Article published on: 28/04/2022

Article last updated on: 28/04/2022