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Hand Switches

We have a wide variety of different hand switches which have been used within different applications throughout different industries.

A hand switch has buttons which are operated by the users hand (hence the name) and is connected to a device by either a wired or wireless connection. 

Hand Switch Uses

Some applications which we have been involved in that require hand switches are;

Door Controls - Our 6310 IR hand switch uses Infrared Technology and can be used for door controls. The user can open or shut the door using the hand switch with a wireless connection. This is particularly useful if the user is driving heavy machinery; they can use the hand switch to open a door on their approach so they don’t have to stop the machine or get out to open the door. 

Patient Hoists - Patient hoists are used in the home or in medical facilities to manoeuvre patients from one place to another; for example, from a bed to a chair or even into another room. A hand switch is required to operate the hoist and can be used either by the patient, a medical professional or even a family member. 

Bath or Stair Lifts - Bath and Stair lifts are used within people’s homes as an assisted way of getting in/out or the bath or up/down the stairs. The hand control is used to move the actuator which moves the seat itself to ensure the patient can move safely within their home. For bath seats, the hand switch must be waterproof or pneumatic so it will continue to work and be safe for a patient to use in the wet environment of the bathroom. 

Medical Beds - Our hand switches are also used for medical beds, they can be operated by either the patient or a medical professional to reposition the bed to a more comfortable position for the patient. 

Features of our Hand Switches 

Depending on the application the hand switch is being used for there will be different desirable features. For patient handling, many of the features are geared towards ease of use but for more industrial applications our hand controls are more robust to withstand the wear and tear they may be subjected to. If you have a particular application requiring a hand switch, please contact us with your requirements and we can help select the best solution for you

Some of the features of our hand switches are;

  • Multiple buttons -  2,4, 6 or 8 buttons depending on the hand switch selected for multifunctional applications 
  • Large, soft buttons for patient handling applications 
  • Durable 
  • Optional cables - curly or straight
  • Various colour options available  
  • Lightweight 
  • Water proof
  • Different connection options - Infrared, USB, electrical connections 
  • Electric or pneumatic functions 
  • IP ratings

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Article published on: 19/08/2019

Article last updated on: 19/08/2019