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Hand Controls for Patient Handling

At Herga hand controls are one of our product categories and hand controls for patient handling is a popular use for this product range.

These types of hand controls have an ergonomic design for user comfort. They have a choice of up to six buttons, either a curly cable or straight and an optional hook fitted to the back of the hand control which is useful for hanging the hand control on to a bed or hoist.   


Applications for Hand Controls in Patient Handling  

Some applications which our hand controls are often used for are:

Patient Hoists – these are used to move patients in/ out of beds and wheel chairs. A Herga hand control is used to move the hoist up/down/left/right

Assisted Bath Seats– Patients can use assisted bath seats to move in and out of a bath and a Herga hand control is used to control the movement.

Medical Beds – Our hand controls can be used to reposition medical beds to a more comfortable setting for the patient.

With these applications in mind, we have often noticed our hand controls being used on popular TV programmes where a hoist or bath seat is added to someone’s home where they were once struggling. It’s great to see our products helping people and making their lives easier.

We have been supplying hand controls for patient handling for decades.

Features of Hand Controls for Patient Handling

Because they are mainly used by patients or carers and often in a medical environment, hand controls used for patient handling have the following features.

·         Large soft buttons – for ease of use

·         Ergonomic designs – for operator comfort

·         Light weight – another feature for ease of use

·         Waterproof – Inherent in medical environments

·         Cable options – curly 2.4m or straight 2m

·         2,4 & 6  button configurations – for multiple functionalities

·         Light operating force – another feature for ease of use

·         Optional hook – for hooking onto the hospital bed itself

·         Various colour options – to fit with branded colours

Our Hand Controls for Patient Handling

Many of our products have a stock range which is available for fast delivery. Take a look at our hand controls here. The main categories used within the medical industry are Electrical hand controls and Pneumatic Hand Controls

·         Electrical Hand Controls

·         Pneumatic Hand Controls

·         Infrared Hand Controls

·         USB Hand Controls

·         Wireless Hand Controls 

For more information on hand controls of hospital beds or any other application – please contact us: +44(0)1284 701422 sales@herga.com

Article published on: 11/04/2019

Article last updated on: 11/04/2019