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Emergency Stop Footswitch

An emergency stop footswitch is a safety device typically used in the industrial sector.

When compressed, an emergency stop foot switch will cut the power to the machine it is connected to by breaking the electrical circuit. This function is often required in industrial applications where people could become in danger and the machine needs to be switched of as quickly as possible.


Our emergency stop footswitch also has an optional guard to protect against accidental actuation.

Why Use and Emergency Stop Footswitch?

An Emergency Stop Footswitch will be used to

Help prevent injury– if somebody is in the way of a machine or is in any danger then the emergency stop footswitch can be used to stop the machine from functioning and prevent injury to the person.

Stop a machine which is malfunctioning – if a machine is not functioning correctly and needs to be switched off quickly then an emergency stop footswitch is appropriate.

An Emergency Stop Foot Switch will be used in any situation that requires a machine to discontinue functioning urgently. They are often a requirement in hazardous environments.  

Benefits of using an Emergency Stop Footswitch

There are benefits to using a footswitch for emergency stop rather than a button which is hand operated.

Quick and Easy – using a foot to operate the Emergency Stop Footswitch is quick in a setting where workers are already using footswitches to operate machinery.

Location – having an Emergency Stop switch located on the machine isn’t always appropriate, very often users will not be close to a machine during operation. The Emergency stop foot switch will be in an easy location to access and near other foot operated switches.

Emergency Stop Footswitch from Herga

Our New 6256 footswitch is available with an emergency stop function. Features of our new 6256 Emergency Stop Footswitch include;

• Guard for use with different size safety shoes

• Emergency stop on base

• Emergency stop on pole

• Waterproof to IP67 (EN 60529


This is a new product so contact us if you require more information. Please contact us for more information: 01284 701422 or sales@herga.com 

Article published on: 02/05/2019

Article last updated on: 02/05/2019